Brushed Rasta Baja

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Please note that these are hand-made and no two are exactly alike.  What you see pictured may not be exactly what you'll receive but it will be very similar.

Made in mexico from a blend of cotton, acrylic & polyester. An iconic dead concert parking lot staple that just never gets old or in the way. The versatile baja takes the edge off the crisp bite of autumn, the chill of late winter, the cool spring evenings and even the surprising shivers that occur on those summer festival nights in the mountains or those midnight strolls on the windy beaches. The baja is a hippie's best friend all year long! Stay warm with peace, love, & happiness!!! Approximate dimensions: (large) chest:50", length:28", sleeve:24". (extra large) chest:53", length:29", sleeve:25". (extra-extra large) chest:56", length:30", sleeve:26"